In Brand Management, there 3B’s that should always align with each other for better and smooth success. What are the 3B’s? It’s Business, Brand and Behavior. Brand management is directly proportional to Newton’s Cradle model. It’s a device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy with swinging spheres (small size balls). When one sphere at the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres, transmitting a force through the stationary spheres that push the last sphere upward. The picture of Newton’s Cradle role in Brand Management.

When anyone starts building a Business, they should…

The evolving nature of digital technology provides the Internet and an exciting Social Media that connects people all around the World. Social Media is a platform through which we disseminate and receive information or news. However, according to Guo- Ming Chen (2012), social media or new media has brought human interaction and even complex level of connections[1]. Today, Social Media is the biggest source of information, everything is just a click away.

Social Media usage has increased with the passage of time, as a Scholar mentioned in a research article that today in 21st century people and organizations are connected…

Leather jackets: a luxurious fashion in every closet that never goes out of style. Everyone has their own tried and true leather jacket outfit that they can always rely on. However today, I am going to guide you about a few different ways you can style your leather jacket to mix it up a little! Feel free to try your own twist on these outfit combinations, I know jackets are found in different colours like brown, grey and of course classic black. Let’s get started with your guide to wearing a leather jacket!

A Statement Outfit:

A black leather jacket…

Are you wondering how to conquer success in your field? How will you manage your studies along with your job? Or you are looking for ways of smart and effective studying methods?

In this blog, will give you super exciting and fun ways of studying SMARTLY and EFFECTIVELY. Believe us you can manage both your job and your advance studies.

Here are 11 ways to study smart and effectively:

1. Schedule your week:

At the beginning of every week, take your note pad and schedule down the whole week. That timetable will work as a BLUEPRINT for you to reach…

Today it’s hard to stand out in Digital World. As everyone out there has a voice and utilizing all the digital platforms to grow their brands or businesses.

The question that clicks in the mind here is how to get leverage in the Digital World? Because Facebook & Google ads are asking for many dollars and you cannot spend money on marketing your brand on social media platforms.

Don’t Worry! social media platforms are allowing everyone to market our skills for free. …

The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through which a marketing message has been disseminated to an audience. Traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines, newspapers, billboards and flyers, meanwhile, digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media and websites.

As we all are aware that the marketing trends in today’s era are changing at a very fast pace and the market has drifted to digital marketing from traditional marketing, because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The young marketers have now completely shifted to digital platforms for promoting their brands as they have multiple platforms like…

It is unpredictable to determine how much, and how swiftly, the coronavirus disruption has influenced every aspect of our lives — our health, families, careers, finances, and much more. We all are encountering the pandemic situation as the impact is universal.

Pandemic has changed our lives and we should remain prepared for the dramatic changes in the forthcoming days — we will be enduring on a daily bases — temperature check, use of face mask, no large gatherings, travelling will remain tight and also governments will monitor mobile devices’ location to trace the positive people for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 is…

Basmah Abdullah Zahid

PhD Research Scholar, Journalist & Marketer

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